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Glove Supply was the brainchild of 3 partners. One a customer service eccentric, one a salesperson extraordinaire, and one financial wizard. Surrounded by chaos, in a world plagued by Covid19 and rogue traders taking advantage of the situation, GS set out determined to be the differentiator in the space.

We found out quickly that like us, consumers and businesses were struggling to source a consistent supply of ethically manufactured, fully accredited & certified, high-quality disposable gloves that we could all stand behind putting people's hands into.

So we took on the challenge, to find factories that could ensure, fair and safe working conditions, consistent supply chain, honest and transparent dealings, a CSR approach to their production, and of course, disposable gloves that were produced in the highest quality to meet all standards EN related (en374-1 en374-2 en374-4 en374-5 en455-1 en455-2 en455-3 en455-4 and en16523-1).

In time and not without struggle we succeeded and identified the partners that we work with today. The same partners that allow us to stand proudly beside our products, values, transactions, and recommendations. The same partners that ensure we always have suitable stock, even when no one else does.

Today it’s not uncommon that we’re the leading distributor or reseller for whichever company we start an engagement with. This is because our team, while proactive, prioritise our clients' needs, and our buyers respect our consideration and endeavour to keep doing business with us because they directly experience the value in our bridging the gap with the factories of products they procure.  

We love that we were able to find fresh innovative manufacturers that had the credibility to stand alongside all other publically listed companies as ones themselves but also maintained the new age approach to the industry, keen on working to improve how business is done in the space.

We stay open and committed to our mission and welcome the evaluation of other manufacturers; hoping they to rise to the challenge and work with us and our clients to make safety the priority of these transactions.  

Finally, we remain equally committed and passionate about moving our value offering in the longer term to benefit SME's and consumers on the relationships we've been able to establish at a direct level.

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"Excellent customer service at Glove Supply Limited, we appreciate everyone's extra efforts to ensure shipment went smoothly ."


“Very impressed with communication and service provided by Glove Supply, they are a good team and I would highly recommend them”

Nigel Davies

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